terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

Oil Free Earth

These were concepts for a friend of mine whose great idea to stimulate recycling among children inspired me a lot. The ship of these aliens landed near the main character's house. Leso, as he is known in school, hears the loud noise and run outside to find out what just happened.  He and the Aliens become friends and they tell him about the energy crisis on their home planet. They use vegetable oil for almost everything, and they're almost out of it. Leso and his friends (the children) will now gather all the oil they can so the aliens can save their planet.

I tried a funny look without losing the "running away from an energy crisis" aspects. Lilo and Stitch and some modern cartoons were strong references for the designs.

I used Photoshop and it took me about 2 hours each, once I had decided the final design of the characters.

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